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I swapped my face wipes for a £1.99 makeup remover cloth from B&M and here’s what happened.

Whilst scouring the isles of B&M the other day for face wipes, I had these £1.99 face cloths catch my eye and whilst I’ve seen these a few times and sort of shrugged them off, I decided this time I’d pick them up and try them out.


My specifics

So, I’m going to just give you a little background on my skin type and preferences before starting this post, just to give you an idea on what I’m working with.

My skin type : Combination; Oily T-zone, Some dry patches, occasional Acne as well as acne scars. My preferences in terms of makeup – I usually have a full face of makeup on most days consisting of a full coverage foundation /concealer as well as that being set with powder and setting spray.

So usually my makeup is pretty life proof, so it’ll be interesting to see if these can live up to my expectations. I’m going to use these with just water to begin with but I feel like I may have to go to micellar water personally, just for that ‘cleansed feeling’.

First Impressions

I had to wash these before using them because the smell coming off them was just vile, so after putting them through & air drying them that was my first use.

First use7D4DBA87-6737-49FF-849D-E964CCCAC5BB

I had to wash these a couple of times before using them because the smell on them didn’t fade after one wash so I ended up trying these for the first time yesterday, after running out of face wipes. I used the cloths purely with just water as recommended and generally… They’re not my cup of tea. I really wanted to like these and banish the face wipes for good but I can’t see it happening. I found they really pull on the skin regardless of how gentle you are with them and I had to really scrub to get through my daily make-up.

I think these might be better with a face wash on them so I might try them again with a wash just to try and minimise the pulling. However, saying all this they did work and they did remove the make-up as promised. So if you can put up with the discomfort I do think they’re a good alternative to face wipes.

Have you tried these make-up remover cloths?, what did you think of them?.

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