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What’s currently in my wish lists? – Makeup edition.

The time we’ve had during lockdown has been the perfect time to really jump into hobbies and one thing I’ve definitely focused on is my make-up, I’ve been digging out old pallets (not too old don’t worry) and trying to switch up my ‘daily products’ everyday and whilst I’ve found plenty of old products. I’ve spent more than enough time swooning over make-up online, so much so that I thought I’d make a little wish list up and share it with you.

Makeup brushes

Summer Wishlist Make-up brushes-2

I do have a little collection of makeup brushes but I am really in need of some new ones, after many discussions with my bestie on FaceTime I’ve decided the Nanshy brushes the set I’m swooning over is the masterful collection in pearlescent, They do seem a good quality and the price is fairly good for what you get. I’ve also had my eye on a few Morphe brushes mainly the shadow blending ones and a few of their face brushes. I’d also really like to replace the real techniques brushes and blenders which I currently have because they’re looking a little bit sad. To go with the brushes I spotted a lovely looking soap on Beauty Bay which is the Violet Voss mini brush soap, I think I mainly just want this because it’s cute but I am obsessed.


Summer Wishlist Make-up palettes

I think one of my favourite parts doing my makeup is doing my eyeshadow, I just find it really fun to play around with different looks and of course most of my wish lists are palettes. So the first one I just need for summer is theToo Faced born this way ‘The natural nudes’ palette which is just stunning, too be honest just all of the Too Faced palettes I’ve seen coming out recently are dreamy and there’s a few that have caught my eye. There’s two from Revolution that are lingering in my baskets and one is a much loved one of mine which just got, well battered to be honest and that is the Soph xtra spice paletteand there’s also one which I saw a few months back but I didn’t think much of it and after seeing it again I just need it and that is the Roxi Ride or die palette, I absolutely love Revolutions palettes because they’re just the best quality and they’re so cheap as well. Another palette I’m obsessed with is the Zoeva Blush duo  I probably will cave and buy this one soon it’s just the prettiest little duo and I’m very low on blushes so it’s just meant to be.


Summer Wishlist Make-up base makeup

So with my Base foundation my foundation is almost completely empty as is my concealer and setting spray, so essentially all of it. I’ve been scouring for foundations that I think are going to work for me and whilst I probably can’t splurge right now I’ve got my eye on the Stay Naked foundation and concealer duo, I think for now I’m going to go for the NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation. As I’m out of setting spray I’ve got my eye on the Pixi make-up fixing mist, I’ve heard amazing things about pixi and I’ quite intrigued by the brand.

Lippies and glosses

Summer Wishlist Make-up lipsticksI feel like in my current make-up collection everything is matte, I think I want to add some more glosses into my collection and just look for some less drying options because as much as I love a matte lippy, my lips need a break. One that’s made my wish list is the Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Gloss In New Romantic, This looks absolutely gorgeous and the fact that it’s infused makes it real appealing to me. Another lipgloss I’ve seen is the Florence by mills 16 wishes get glossed lip gloss, this looks so cute, I love the packaging and there seems like there’s a few benefits to it such as it’s hydrating and it’s free of a lot of the nasties. Lastly I’ve spotted thePixi Vitamin C core lip balm this is just a tinted balm really, this isn’t something I would usually go for, I usually go for a full pigment matte lippy so it’s a big difference but I’m trying to switch things up here.

What products are currently lingering in your wish lists?








8 thoughts on “What’s currently in my wish lists? – Makeup edition.”

  1. I find them quite expensive to buy so I always put them off but I’ll definitely need a good ol’ top up of them soon because mine are on their last legs, Pixi looks amazing I’ll definitely be giving some of their products a try soon and Thankyou! xx


  2. I’ve been obsessing over Kylie’s High Gloss bundle and Kylighter bundle but I’ve got way too much makeup for a 16 year-old at the moment… Their packaging is gorgeous though aah


    1. Blenders are really handy to have, They just give a lovely finish. I’m still swooning over the gloss, there’s a couple of shades of it that I’ve got my eye on. Thankyou! xx


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