Life recently and how I’m managing my anxiety through lockdown.

I want to say such a big thank you to absolutely anyone who is still working and keeping things running at the moment.


I wasn’t sure whether to post this as my ‘main post’ this week, I know a lot of people are coming to blogs etc to switch off at the moment and that’s exactly what I’m doing so if that’s what you’re wanting I uploaded a post on Sunday which is a current wish list. However, I just feel like I just wanted to chat a little about life at the moment so I thought I’d just make this an Extra post, I really hope this post helps.

As someone who struggles with anxiety I’m finding all this just so, so overwhelming which I know everyone is really to some degree. I am still working and I’m finding that’s triggering my anxiety quite a lot and I’m just getting a lot of health anxiety at the moment, which is just tiring really. What I wanted to do today is share some of the techniques of how I am actually managing that anxiety at the moment because I figured if I’m struggling with this, someone somewhere will be as well and If that’s you I just want to say all this will pass and for now, take it easy on yourself. I’ve listed a few tips below on how I’m keeping my anxiety at bay during all this and I really hope this post helps someone, somewhere.

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Referring back to the techniques I learnt in CBT.

I did go through a course of CBT a couple of years ago and I did find it so, so helpful. I learnt a lot of coping techniques during it. There has been a fair few times over the last few weeks where I’ve just really thought I’m struggling to cope a little with all of this and I’ve taken out everything from my CBT because I kept it all and I re-read all my notes and I’m just refreshing my memory with it all so I can really use it. The main section that I’m finding helpful is about “managing hypothetical worries”. Now at the moment, I have a lot of hypothetical worries surrounding health and when I’m having a little bit of a spiral, I just run through the following techniques and questions with myself (ignore if they’re badly worded they’re literally just my personal notes).

  • Observe and listen, try not to react to the worry, observe the thought.
  • LET GO. Imagine the worry as a passing cloud or a wave, it comes & goes.
  • Focus on the present; Your breathing, what you can currently hear & feel.
  • Deal with your wandering mind, once your worry begins to spiral or your mind begins to wonder simply return your attention back to the present!.

Give yourself credit for dealing with the situation.

  • If the worry was true > whats the most realistic outcome?
  • If this worry does tun out to be true, what can I do to cope?
  • How would I advise a friend?
  • This situation wont last forever, Practice what I have learnt
  • I can be anxious and still deal with a situation ( I find this one so empowering).

Taking some time for me

So I think the most refreshing thing I’ve been doing is taking time out. I touched on self care in a post recently if you’re after some ideas. I find for me personally I’m enjoying watching Youtube (I find Lydia Millen really calming), Getting a bit more creative with makeup really takes a lot of focus, yoga, having really pampering baths or even organising around the house and just cleaning. I’m trying to really just take time out on my day off and I’ve also stopped reading the news so much and I’m just trying not to make it the main focus in my conversations as well.

I’m accepting the situation

I think I’ve found this one the hardest, this situation is just so completely out of my control and yes, I can control how I respond to this situation but I can’t do an awful lot about how other people are acting, so as I’m still working I’m being as extra cautious as I can. I feel like I’m starting to adjust.

How are you coping in these uncertain times, Stay safe and take care of yourselves xx

19 thoughts on “Life recently and how I’m managing my anxiety through lockdown.”

  1. Adequate self care has really helped my anxiety. I try to take some daily time for myself to either get a bit of exercise in, or relax with a show or book. Every little bit helps.


    1. I feel like it’s such a good place to start with trying to calm yourself. Reading is such a lovely idea, I always think about starting books and I do really love reading but as soon as I finish a book it takes me so long to start another.


  2. It’s great that you’ve found ways to try and help during this strange time, we all need to do what we can to ease the mental toll it’s taking on us. I’m finding switching off a little and limiting my news intake best for me x



  3. Glad that you’re using techniques for coping. I’m trying to use this time to try and better myself, because that seems to be the only thing I can ‘progress’ right now. So I’ve just been reading, drawing, trying to learn another language, putting the apartment together, etc.


    1. Thankyou, I hope you’re well and these are such lovely ideas, I actually ordered myself a couple of canvases and acrylic paints so I could just sit and switch off really because I realised I didn’t really have any hobbies that weren’t actually technology-based xx


  4. Such an important post and really well-written. I think most people are struggling at the moment, myself included so I will definitely be taking more time out for myself. I’m trying to put myself into a routine, especially before bed (skincare, no phone, reading a book etc) and that’s really been helping.


    1. Thankyou and I’m sorry to hear that, I really hope you’re doing better now and are well. Taking some time out for yourself is so important, we all deserve that at the minite!. You’re doing great! xx


  5. Such an important post, I think most people are struggling at the moment especially as it’s very uncertain still. I’ve been trying to get myself into a routine, especially at night (skincare, no phone, reading a book) before bed and that’s been helping! Great post 🙂


    1. Thankyou and a routine is a such a good thing to have at the moment, I really should think about getting myself into one and really sticking to it, I’m terrible for being on my phone until about 2/3am!.
      Charlie xx


  6. It’s great that you’re able to transfer everything you learned in CBT to this situation. I’ve have CBT twice for anxiety and it doesn’t work for me sadly! But I can totally understand the thoughts and reasonings behind it. My day to day hasn’t changed much because I work from home anyway but all the news and stats are so anxiety inducing. I’m really trying to limit my news intake at the moment x


  7. It is hard for everyone right now – whether we are in lockdown or out in the frontlines. Everyone has their struggles and we’re all in this together. It is great that you can refer back to some things you learned from CBT. We have to accept what is going on. Being in denial will not help at all. Stay safe!!

    Nancy ♥


  8. These are great! It’s so tough managing through lockdown. I’m glad you are managing and finding ways to ease yourself through anxiety. Hope you continue to feel better!


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