6 things to do in lockdown that aren’t scrolling through social media.

Does scrolling through social media eat away at your time as much as it does mine?. I am still working at the moment but I find myself on my day off just aimlessly scrolling for at least 4 hours and if that’s what you’re doing to cope and you enjoy that then you do you and scroll until your heart’s content, whatever you’re doing to cope is right for you.

What I wanted to do in today’s post was give you a few ideas of things you can do during isolation (all based indoors of course) that will get you to put your phone down if you want a little break, so let’s get into the post.

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I find even reading a magazine I feel so refreshed after doing it, I think it’d because I’m switching off and just focusing on one thing. If you don’t fancy a magazine or book you can always read a few blog posts, I find the Retweet accounts (Such as @BloggersTribe) on twitter great places to find posts they usually do a lot of comment threads where you can find new blogs and connect with bloggers.

Have a pamper night

We all love a good pamper, run yourself a nice bath and pamper and just take some time out and chill. I wrote a post a few weeks ago where I shared 3 tips for the perfect pamper night if you fancy a read.

A home workout

This is something that I never have te motivation to actually start doing but once I’ve done it I feel amazing. I prefer a light workout such as Yoga and there’s a lady on Youtube I watch called Adrian who’s generally just really calming and easy to follow so definitely check her out if you fancy doing Yoga.

Getting Creative

This is the one I know I’ll sway towards more, I really enjoy being creative and it really does take up time I find and I know I won’t touch my phone if I’m covered in paint or perfecting a winged liner or writing a blog post. Anything from playing with makeup to painting, crafts or writing will just get you focused on something else and just really give you that time out you’ve been craving. I saw a post recently on a blog on how to make your own scrunchies which I thought was a really lovely idea.

Having a movie night

There’s nothing I love more than a good Netflix binge. Grab some snacks, build a fort, have all the blankets and just binge on Netflix. I finished “The Heist” the other day and I recommend it if you haven’t seen it, it’s so gripping and it just gets you hooked instantly.

What have you been doing during lockdown which isn’t scrolling through social media?.

Charlie xx

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