Trying to bounce back

You may have noticed the lack of posts around here, I know I certainly have. Without getting too into it I’ve just been having a tough couple months as I can imagine so many other people are as well, This year has just truly been a tough one. I reached out for help a few weeks ago and I’ve been assigned a therapist which is brilliant and I’m really ready to sort things out within myself finally, I owe it to myself really.

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This is the only post I’ve managed to write in about a month and trust me, it’s been deleted and re-written so many times (double figures) because I just couldn’t find a way to word any of it and it most likely makes hardly any sense, but it’s a start. I really miss writing posts and taking time out to blog.

I’m so determined to bounce back with blogging over the next few weeks and hopefully in myself in the next few months but that’s going to be a process, I put so much work into setting up this new blog (and money) and I really want to use it and make the most of having it and if you’re struggling too then I’m sending you love, you’re amazing!.

  1. I hope there will be a post on Sunday, as usual. Something a little more lighthearted and in the meantime, take care of yourselves. much love xx

4 thoughts on “Trying to bounce back”

  1. Aw. it’s great that you’re working on yourself! I know this year’s been a tough one, and it definitely is hard to find the motivation to do anything. Good luck on bouncing back!!


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