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July’s Glossybox & First Impressions

My little face lit up when I opened my Glossybox this month and when you see it you're going to 100% get why. I know I've said it so many times but the 'themed' Glossyboxes will always be my favourites and this one's no exception. July's box gives me all the tropical vibes and I… Continue reading July’s Glossybox & First Impressions


Trying to bounce back

You may have noticed the lack of posts around here, I know I certainly have. Without getting too into it I've just been having a tough couple months as I can imagine so many other people are as well, This year has just truly been a tough one. I reached out for help a few… Continue reading Trying to bounce back


A much needed self-care day/night

Last post I chatted about my goals for June, I made one of those goals was to start focusing a little more on my general self-care. I'm writing this on Friday and I've had a much needed day off where I had my second session of therapy and since that, I generally haven't moved from… Continue reading A much needed self-care day/night


My personal goals for June

2020 has been one of the most challenging, stressful years and it’s only June. I’ve personally let everything affect me just a little bit too much and if I’m being honest, I’m in a little bit of a rut (hence the lack of posts around here recently) but ultimately I think I needed to because… Continue reading My personal goals for June


15 Shows on Netflix worth binging

What a better time to start binging Netflix than when we're stuck inside. I've found that through lockdown Netflix has become my new hobby but it's getting to a point where I'm like running out of things to watch, I've just started New Girl because I've never seen it (How, Right?). I thought I'd share… Continue reading 15 Shows on Netflix worth binging

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Aprils Glossybox review and first impressions – Blossom.

I wasn’t expecting too receive my Glossybox at all this month, with everything going on, so it was a nice surprise for me when it was delivered a few days ago. I gave it a quick once over with Detol, just to be on the safe side and left it for a few days before… Continue reading Aprils Glossybox review and first impressions – Blossom.


Life recently and how I’m managing my anxiety through lockdown.

I want to say such a big thank you to absolutely anyone who is still working and keeping things running at the moment.   I wasn't sure whether to post this as my 'main post' this week, I know a lot of people are coming to blogs etc to switch off at the moment and… Continue reading Life recently and how I’m managing my anxiety through lockdown.

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What’s currently in my wish lists? – Makeup edition.

The time we've had during lockdown has been the perfect time to really jump into hobbies and one thing I've definitely focused on is my make-up, I've been digging out old pallets (not too old don't worry) and trying to switch up my 'daily products' everyday and whilst I've found plenty of old products. I've spent more… Continue reading What’s currently in my wish lists? – Makeup edition.